Spiral Nebula
Redux 4 of Hearts   &    Redux Queen of Spades
Six Museum Facades
New Topographics
Nerve Cell
elements flame 2005.jpg
trees and sun.jpg
Vertical water wide.jpg
Niagara #4 & Niagara # 10
elements sky 2005.jpg
Egyptian Fragment.jpg
Your Eternal Servant.jpg
The Benefactor
Falling Down Titled Building
Falling Down #6
Falling Down #7
Falling Down #1
Falling Down #8 16 x 18.jpg
Falling Down Tower of  Babel
1 Falling water 8 sized.jpg
7 2 screens sized.jpg
8 screen in show.jpg
Falling Down Left Leaning
Legerdemain #10
Legerdemain #12
Crisis Management.jpg
Western Sky.jpg
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